Purchase Dance Company, performing at New York Live Arts

Chris Hernandez Perfroming a Kyle Abraham Solo

Chris Hernandez Perfroming a Kyle Abraham Solo

SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance, Purchase Dance Company is performing this spring at New York Live Arts (NYLA).

NYLA is a theater in Manhattan, and easily accessible for city residents, and tourist to attend and support the incredible up and coming dancers performing in the city.

SUNY Purchase is so close to New York City although does not receive a large city audience for the close to professional work, without the price of most professional shows. This is a chance to watch Purchase Dance Company in a different setting then their own theater on campus.

Purchase Dance Company will be performing the same program as their Spring Concert (talked about in an earlier blog post), and it allows the dancers to perform in a different environment and hopefully some networking.

This NYLA performance will be May 22-25 at 7:30 pm and tickets are able to be purchased online at the venue. This will be an exciting event, and a chance for many “New Yorkers” to learn about SUNY Purchase, hopefully some new core audience members. Also this will help the college students lean a little about performing in the city, and who to invite for network purposes.


Stephen Petronio Company, Joyce Season

Stephen Petroio Company

Stephen Petroio Company

The Joyce Theater is hosting the Stephen Petronio Company with a residency and a performance season at their theater. This is a great opportunity for Stephen Petronio Company, because the receive space to create a new work and have seven performances at the Joyce Theater.

This performance is April 30- May 5 tickets are available prior to the performance and they will be performing a beautiful new work called Like Lazarus Did. This is a performance you are not going to want to miss, very different from Netherlands Dans Theater which was discussed an earlier post. Although a dance audience member should always be broadening their horizons.

New works are always exciting and interesting to be apart of the audience, especially when the style is very prominent like Stephen Petronio’s. although seeing new ways of choreography, and experimental forms of movement is always a plus to a new piece.


SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance, Spring Concert

Performance of a Stephen Petronio Solo, at SUNY Purchase

Performance of a Stephen Petronio Solo, at SUNY Purchase

SUNY Purchase’s Conservatory of Dance has a Spring Concert each year. It’s coming up soon!

April 26th-28th at the SUNY Purchase College campus, at The Performing Arts Center in the Pepsico Theater.

This event is a great opportunity for dancer lovers to watch incredible performance with up and coming dancers wishing to pursue a professional career. This performance has about 100 conservatory students performing throughout a large variety of pieces.

The performance will consist of:

George Balanchine, Valse Fantasies

Bill T. Jones, Spent Days Out Yonder

Loni Landon, New work

Ori Flomin, New work

Claire Porter, New work

and 4 seniors were selected to perform their commissioned repertory solo’s

This performance will allow the audience to see well-known works along with new works that were created on the students at SUNY Purcahse.

It will be an amazing event, right out side of New York City.

SUNY Purcahse students can get $5 student rush tickets that can always help a college student broaden their horizons in the performing arts.

The Joyce Theater, Netherlands Dans Theater

The Joyce Theater is a well sized theater in Chelsea, in New York City, and is a great source to experience incredible and inspiring performances. The Joyce has many variety with the performances they host, and sponsor. The Joyce has an easily accessible and very descriptive website to allow young dancers to explore and purchase tickets. Frequently checking this website would allow any dancer to observe many different companies, and broaden their horizons and dance education.

Also, for dance fans in general the Joyce is always an amazing venue to attend. The Joyce always has something new and exciting for audience members to enjoy. From classical ballet to intense athletic modern, and theatrical dancing.

The Joyce has many companies attending their theater this year and they are sponsoring The Netherlands Dans Theater is being sponsored by the Joyce, this April 10-12. NDT will be performing at Lincoln Center sponsored by the Joyce. NDT is an indelible company from Rotterdam, Netherlands and it is not every day that they are performing in New York City. This company brings so much  inspiration and it is a performance you will not want to go without seeing. Along with many other Performances the Joyce is housing.

Stephen Petronio Master Classes

It’s not often that you get to take classes with a company founder or director, it’s usually their rehearsal director or just a company member.

Stephen Petronio is teaching 6 master classes between this week and next March 11-22 at Steps on Broadway. Petronio is an incredible man who choreographs such amazing athletic movement. Taking class from Stephen Petronio himself is great for networking and getting used to how a company founder works. It is always great as a dancer studying to be professional to place themselves in a new environment and even intimidating almost audition like situations. The Stephen Petronio Company is a remarkable company, and has movement that is exciting, exhausting, and so much fun to do!


Stephen Petronio Company

Non Dancers Appreciating Dance!

Searching through Facebook, and on a hockey players wall, what do I see, this video of dance. This may not be a form of classical ballet, or modern, but dance is dance. When you see an athlete excited to watch dancing, to a dancer it is an honor. This hip-hop video is being viewed by athlete’s, and this should intrigue the people outside the dance world to aspire to attend dance events, or even attempt to take a dance class. As non dancers expose themselves to more and more dance and enjoy it, and acquire a taste for it. Even by watching youtube videos online, it is great to know that non dancers or dance related audience is out there, and hopefully this will lead them to attend live events, and even a wide variety of dance.

Workshops in NYC, Sidra Bell

Dancers in and around the New York City area are always looking for something different and exciting to attend.

Workshops are a bit of a new thing to attend, but they are great for networking, and a way to really figure out new ways of movement. This weekend Sidra Bell is having a workshop at Peridance. Workshops such as this one, really will allow the students even college students to experience a way of dancing with new people, possibly in a more professional atmosphere.

Sidra Bell Dance New York